Award wining not head spinning

Award wining not head spinning

Over the past decade, energy drinks have become more and more popular. If you want an energy boost and don’t like coffee, an energy drink is the best option. As well as having caffeine and being delicious, there are lots of claims that energy drinks affecting your weight. Some people claim energy drinks can cause weight gain, while others claim the opposite and say energy drinks aid weight loss. But what is the truth? Can energy drinks help you lose weight? We’ve taken a closer look at energy drinks to give you the truth once and for all.

Can You Lose Weight With An Energy Drink?

Energy drinks can be a great thing to add to your weight loss routine. Many energy drinks now come in no sugar, low-calorie varieties, which means they can help be a tasty way to enjoy an energy boost without the calories. Plenty of people use energy drinks to help them safely lose excess weight. Although energy drinks aren’t designed to be a weight-loss product, they can be combined with a healthy diet and frequent excess to promote weight loss and help you reach your target weight.

How Can Energy Drinks Help You To Lose Weight?

One of the main reasons energy drinks can help with weight loss is because they contain caffeine or a similar energy-boosting substance. Here are just a few of the ways drinking a caffeine energy drink could contribute to weight loss:

Suppress Appetite

The caffeine in energy drinks may also help suppress your appetite and curb your cravings. Assuming you drink an energy drink before a meal, you will likely find yourself wanting smaller portions, leading to weight loss. Often feelings of hunger are caused by boredom or feelings of thirst. So, grabbing an energy drink before a snack can help you cut out snacking.

Boost Metabolism

Caffeine in energy drinks can help temporarily increase your metabolism, which can also help you to burn calories more efficiently. Drinking an energy drink before going on a walk, working out or going for a run can result in more calories burnt simply because your metabolism is more efficient.

Increased Stamina

Furthermore, drinking an energy drink before a workout could help improve your stamina and endurance, helping you work out for longer. When you work out for longer and push yourself harder, you can maximise your weight loss. You may find yourself able to make yourself do extra sets or lift heavier weights as it gives your body the ability to work harder.

Lose Water Weight

Caffeine is also a natural diuretic meaning that it can help you to lose water weight fast and tackle issues like bloating. This is a great way to lose excess stomach weight within a short space of time.

Speed up Digestion

As well as being a diuretic, caffeine is also a mild laxative. If you have sluggish digestion and find yourself gaining weight because food sits in your stomach, making you heavy and bloated, drinking an energy drink could be the answer. An energy drink will encourage you to digest food and then go to the toilet rather than letting food sit you’re your intestines.

Manage Calories

Many energy drinks come in low-calorie or no-calorie varieties. Replacing other sugary and fizzy drinks with low-calorie energy drinks means you can manage how many calories you ingest. One of the best ways to ensure consistent weight loss is with a calorie deficit diet. Look for low-calorie options such as Raze.

Control Sugar Cravings

Since energy drinks come in so many delicious flavours, many people choose to drink energy drinks instead of snacking on sweet treats. Sugar-free energy drinks are a great way to satisfy your sugary cravings without eating very sugary foods. Since it’s the caffeine in energy drinks that makes them beneficial for weight loss, some people might be tempted to drink coffee instead of energy drinks. However, coffee generally has more calories and less coffee. Not to mention energy drinks come in more flavours. So, unless you really love the taste of plain black coffee, you’re better off grabbing a can of energy drink.

Why An Energy Drink Might Cause Weight Gain

It is unlikely, but an energy drink can indirectly cause weight gain. Although drinking an energy drink won’t make you cause weight gain, it can lead you to a lifestyle that makes you gain weight. If you grab an energy drink on the go and don’t have a proper meal to give you energy, you might end up binge eating later in the day. This could contribute to weight gain if you do it frequently enough. Another way energy drinks might cause weight gain is because they appeal to your sweet tooth. Although many sugar-free options are available, energy drinks that are high in sugar can cause a sugar addiction if you drink them every day. You might find yourself craving more sweet foods, and this bad diet can lead to gaining weight. In addition, getting regular sleep is a significant part of staying healthy and keeping your weight in hand. If you struggle to sleep and use energy drinks to help you focus, you might be gaining weight. However, it’s likely caused by the lack of sleep rather than the energy drinks themselves. Furthermore, any energy drink high in calories could cause weight gain if you drink a lot of it. Many people overlook the calories in drinks and so might actually be consuming more calories than they think. 
You should check how many calories are in your energy drink. Both Crunk and Full Throttle contain over 400 calories per can. However, Raze, Red Bull and Bang contain few to no calories, making them a better option for weight loss. So, in fact, it’s the lifestyle that some people live, rather than energy drinks, that can cause weight gain.

Is It Worth It To Drink Energy Drinks For Weight Loss?

Having looked at the benefits and drawbacks of using energy drinks for weight loss, you might be wondering if it is worth it. Since energy drinks themselves don’t necessarily cause weight gain, if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while using energy drinks to give you a boost, then it can absolutely be worth it. Using energy drinks as a supplement to support weight loss can be very effective. So long as you are sleeping well and don’t binge eat after the caffeine wears off, there is no reason to not enjoy an energy drink on occasion.

How To Lose Weight With Energy Drinks

If you plan to lose some weight and want to give yourself the best chance of hitting your target, you can combine energy drinks with a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet to encourage weight loss. Energy drinks can be used to help with weight loss because they can boost your metabolism, give you more stamina during a workout and suppress your appetite. However, you should make sure you are still eating a balanced diet, controlling your portion size and exercising regularly.
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